To our dear bookworms,    

You bring a smile to our faces whenever we received your orders and we are grateful for your patronage.

To continue to serve you better, we are making changes in our shipment and payment terms: 

 1. All books will be ship via air cargo unless stated otherwise. Lead time is 3-5 weeks.   

2. Since air cargo is more expensive compared to sea cargo, please expect a minimal price increase in our books.   

3. We will no longer offer the 3-month installment.  

4. For pre-order books, cash-on-delivery option will be available in our Shopee Account (put link here). Applicable for limited titles only.  

5. We offer FREE SHIPPING for a minimum single-receipt purchase of P2,500.   

6. We will no longer accept Preorder/Backorder for Manga, Light Novel and Manhwa

7. Pre-order arrival 3-5weeks after release dates (if ordered 20days prior to publish date).   

8. Backorder arrival 3-5 weeks after placing your orders.   

9. No more consolidation of orders.  

10. Out-of-stock books from the publisher titles will be automatically cancelled and refunded.   

11.  For Buying service/Pasabuy (request purchases from Barnes, Amazon, BOTM) will be ship via sea cargo unless stated otherwise.  


Should you have any clarifications regarding these changes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.